The Adventures of Tug-Workin’ on Mom

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Tug here. My Mom is so worried. I found out today that I have a hematoma on my ear and will be having surgery this Thursday. Yes, it sucks.

There is good news though. One of the dogs at the vet told me about the perks of having surgery. He said that I would get very spoiled while recovering. If I play my cards right, maybe I can get some ice cream. Yesss!

My Mom is the type to do such things. She is such a worrier though. Her stomach is upset and she is just a nervous wreck. I will definitely be working on her. I will just pull at those heartstrings and I just know she will get me whatever I want. Such a pushover! All I gotta do is look at her and lay my head on her. Pfft…piece of cake. Ooh! Cake and ice cream! Yes! Yes! I gotta go, time to start working on Mom.

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