Winter Sucks, I’ve Got a Fever!

I am sitting here with my laptop on my lap, staring at the screen. I am trying to find some inspiration for Wednesday’s posts. Trying to think of a theme. Nothing is really coming to me. I was thinking the other day about not having a life and how I better get one so I have something to write about! 

I promised myself that I would get out more. I fully plan to do so. I do have a dilemma though. Finding others to go out with regularly. Let’s face it, we are no longer in our 20s. Everyone has jobs, families and responsibilities. True, I could venture out to listen to a band one night, on my own. To be honest, I don’t like the idea of going to a bar by myself. I prefer to be with a group of friends. 

Another issue, there is not much to do around here when it is freezing outside. I guess I could spend an arm and a leg and go to the movies. That is something I do like to do from time to time. I take my big bag and my own snacks. Let’s face it the people that are blowing all that money on a ton of snacks must be drug dealers. Which means they have considerably more money than I do. I am funny though when it comes to movies. It really has to jump out at me, or I refuse to spend my money to go to the theaters to see it. It’s much cheaper to wait for video!

What else is there to do around here? Hmm….oh yes, eat. We have a ton of restaurants to choose from. You name it, we have it or one close to it. Again, we are talking about money. Not to mention my waistline. So, that is something that is a special treat.

I’m just full of excuses, huh? I think I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell! Wait…what? 😂

Spring FEVER!!!!!! Yes, I am sure of it.  I’d say that I am very much like a budding flower, waiting for the warmth of the sun to help me flourish! The Winter drags on entirely too long here. For my liking anyway. I am ready for walks out in the sunshine, sipping wine with my girlfriends on my back porch, barbecues, country drives with the windows down, warm night air and starry skies.  I am ready for all of it. It is sad to say but I am even looking forward to scooping the dog poo in my backyard and mowing my lawn again. Oh, brother do I ever have Spring FEVER!

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