Laugh for the Day-Medical Humor

11 thoughts on “Laugh for the Day-Medical Humor”

      1. Don’t get me started in dental insurance. That has gotten worse than what it was. I need two root canals, yeah well, don’t know where they think out of pocket πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ coming from.
        They’re like “You can do care credit” I’m like “care credit pulls your credit, I have bad credit”
        “If you try it, then we can see what they allow, you can make payments after that.”
        “What alternatives do I have besides root canal?”
        “You need these surgeries.”

        It’s a continuous cycle.

      2. Oh yes!! I had dental coverage that basically was just a discount card. But you had to go to dentists on the plan. There was only one locally. It is a torture chamber. I got two crowns and they put one on backwards. So I had to have it removed and go through all that again. I had a tooth pulled and only numbed. Screw that! It’s ridiculous! You pay an arm and a leg and a tooth for dental work.

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