Voglio bene alla tua mamma

This will be my only post today. It’s been one year today since I lost my Mom. This post is dedicated to her.

I miss you every day. I know you are watching over all of us. You are in a beautiful place. No more pain, no more fighting, no more surgeries. That makes me selfish, because I’d rather you were here. I love you. I’m so grateful for everything you ever gave me. I’m sorry if I didn’t say that more. The last few years were hard on you and me with everything we had going on. But it brought us closer. It made us both understand each other better. We talked about things that we never really talked about. Both more open to the other’s view. I thank God for that. Then there was our silliness, our music, our selfies, our laughter. I love you. ❤️

I think I inherited your sense of humor-❤️

Some of her favorite music:

18 thoughts on “Voglio bene alla tua mamma”

  1. So beautiful written. She was a special lady who is missed by many! Thank you for sharing the pictures with all of us! Sending ((hugs)) your way. She definitely left footprints on my heart!❤️

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