Girls’ Night

After work last night, I hung out with some of my girls. It was just what I needed. Friendship, laughs and a few drinks. (who’s counting?)

We played the What Do You Meme game. It’s kinda like Cards Against Humanity.

For those of you not familiar with either game, the answers can get really nasty.

I want everyone to know that I still hold the Meme Queen title! 😂 Thank you very much!

Yes, we drank, ate, played games and sang karaoke. Well I sang karaoke. I decided to try some music I’ve never done before. Some songs went pretty well, others…not so much. That’s the great thing about drunk karaoke, you don’t care if anyone likes it or not.

Nope! It does not matter. You are in the moment and just rockin’ out!

It was a fun night. It was just what I needed and a ride home.

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