We are Gathered Here Today to Celebrate this Thing Called Karma

Every once in a while, karma gives you a front row seat. A few days ago, I was sent a friend request by someone that in the past had royally screwed me over. When he knew me, I was heavier, my hair was not straightened and I had my married name. So, I am assuming that he did not realize who I was when he sent the friend request.

Let me take you back several years. My then husband and I had a house that needed to be stabilized. The foundation was faltering. We hired a man that was an acquaintance of my husbands. He managed to get a great deal of money upfront to purchase the items needed to stabilize our home. I imagine if my husband hadn’t been sick as a dog at the time, this would have never transpired.

It wasn’t long after he cashed the check, he disappeared. Not even 25% of the job was done. We filed suit in Small Claims Court. The Sheriff’s Department tried numerous times to serve him with a summons to appear in court. They were never able to find him. After some time, we were awarded judgment. To this day, we have not seen a dime of our money. Again, he was just gone.

So, imagine my surprise when he sent me a friend request. I was not sure just how to handle this situation. I stewed over it for days. Then I decided, I would accept his friend request and tag him in a post letting the world know just what this “man” did to us. I needed to have my say. I needed to let everyone know exactly what he did. I needed to confront him.

That’s just what I did Sunday morning. It took him all day before he got on FB. Once he did his response was to announce me a liar. To which I responded, now you’ve seen it. Now you’re blocked. I had my say. You get no more of my energy. Then a few middle finger Emojis. My post was handled very tactfully. I was less tactful when he called me a liar. I also posted a previous post’s link (from years back) in my comments which backs up my claim.

But I guess I did lie. Cause I told him that he does not get any more of my energy. I plan on heading to the courthouse tomorrow to check into a few things. He brought out the fight in me. Now I’m pissed all over again. I cannot go down without a fight. He done shit in the wrong girl’s bowl of Wheaties.

I’m an easy going, caring person. If I’m an asshole to you, then you know you had it coming. Period.

I’m proud of myself for standing up. The old me would have taken it on the chin and let it eat me up. Not the new me though. I’ve changed my way of thinking. Why should I endure suffering to make someone else comfortable? No more.

7 thoughts on “We are Gathered Here Today to Celebrate this Thing Called Karma”

    1. The bench warrant expired years ago. I’ve tried that once before when I saw him out. Though we were rewarded judgment, to keep the law involved. We’d have to pay regularly to keep it going. So I’m going to the courthouse tomorrow to check on a few things. I made sure I screenshot his FB page first. He no longer lives in same state. So that might be helpful. But I’m glad that people will see this post if they do a search on him. It might save someone else money and the grief he caused us.

      1. Thank you. Yes they really do!! If it doesn’t, I kissed that $ goodbye a long time ago. But I have to try. It’s the standing up that’s the important part. And that emoji middle finger 3x in a row felt soooo damn good! 😂

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