Passing off Originals as Your Own

I really want to know how everyone feels about bloggers passing work off as their own. Including challenges. This is twice now it has happened to me and to be honest, it pisses me off.

I have no problem with anyone sharing my work. I share others posts all the time. But it always shows who the originator of said post is. Always.

As writers, we may draw inspiration from another’s post and run with it. Making a post of our own thoughts on a subject. But my personal opinion is you do not copy and paste someone’s original ANYTHING without pinging back to a challenge or making sure the integrity of the post is intact meaning originator is given credit. Their name must be present and access to their original work should be present. Period!

26 thoughts on “Passing off Originals as Your Own”

    1. Oh yes. I just have too much on my plate. I’m picking my battles. It had me so upset. I mean livid! I don’t want to spend my time being angry anymore. I had years of it already and lost years of my life to my accident and last years isolating myself in my marriage. I’m not losing anymore of my precious time. I dictate what I do with it. They want to post my challenge and make it look as if it is theirs. Have at it. My energy is going elsewhere. I’m already doing legal stuff trying to bring that contractor to justice. I can’t fight everyone. I’m turning the other cheek. For myself. But I’m watching. I see far more than people give me credit for.

  1. This happens a lot in the blogosphere. It’s happened to me and I’ve written quite a few rant posts about it. It’s happened to quite a few of the bloggers I follow.

    One blogger whom I followed years ago, plagiarised someone else’s post. The plagiarised post was very popular and I think the real writer found out and confronted the plagiariser. The plagiariser owned up to what they had done and wrote a post about why they had done it which was very interesting to read.

    Another blogger had a stalker of sorts who mirrored his blog – in other words every post was plagiarised and the battle between them went on like a soap opera. I think the plagiariser eventually deleted the mirror blog.

    There’s a great post about this here – – with links to additional posts offering options on how to deal with it.

    1. Yes, I was thinking about it last night. If it’s happened twice to me in such a short time, many others have been there.

      The stalker is creepy as hell. Damn! I will definitely check out the article. Thank you!!

  2. It would bug the crap out of me!!! I’ve seen blogs that do nothing but repost (with links)… just to have content for ads. I dislike it, but whatever. I don’t even like to share posts and do it verrry rarely. To me, my blog is for MY OWN WORK! Well, except for quotes and songs ~ that are clearly marked as other people’s work! 😡🤪🙄

      1. Thank you. I used to take people’s bs. I don’t anymore. You reach a certain age and you grow tired of things like this. I spoke my peace and gotta move on. It’s on her.

      2. 🙂 As a matter of fact, Laura, you could request a DMCA takedown.

        If the offender published it on a blog, getting your content removed from their site should be easy. However, if the offender posted your content on a blog, it is going to be a little more difficult (but not impossible) to have it removed.

      3. Thank you. I will keep this info. It was WordPress. I’m just gonna keep an eye out in case it happens again by same individual. I have so much going on and if it was more than a challenge I created then I would fight it ASAP. I’m going to give this person benefit of the doubt that she either made an error in judgment. At first I was furious. I’ve calmed down to irritated.

    1. You know I follow a lot of authors. There is so much of this going on in the book world right now. Tons of plagiarism, and illegal sites that are for book sharing without having authors consent. They are losing money , authors are being attacked and sued by plagiarizers. When in fact it should be the other way around. It’s a lot of time and work and not fair to you or any one else. No one else should reap the benefits of your work except you and your followers/readers

      1. I completely understand. Nothing worse than a thief and a liar.

      2. Simmer down as best possible. Pray about it and let the Lord deal with them.

      3. Unless I’ve done something.. in that case, let me have it lol…