Spring has Sprung!

I got off of work tonight and went through my usual nightly ritual. Comfy clothes, make-up off, dog taken out. Tonight it was nice to be able to sit on my back porch and enjoy the weather. Is it still a bit chilly? Yes. But much warmer than it has been. I will take 67° any day of the week over Winter temps!

I see Spring flowers are making their presence known. I’m not hurting near as much with the warmer weather also. Which is wonderful! I just hope that Spring lasts a bit before Summer temps take over.

I’ve missed being able to sit outside and just enjoy my yard and Mother Nature. It’s my happy place. My back porch is my favorite “room” of my house.

I am ready to get out for some “mud therapy”. The Winter lasted entirely too long for me. It feels like the Winters are getting longer each year. They wear me down. The cold brings arthritic pain and SAD.

I’m looking forward to time outside with friends, gardening, walks, barbecues. It’s all just around the corner!!

What are you looking forward to now that Spring has sprung?

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