Now and Then, Relationships and Communication

I have always had jobs in customer service. There was one job in particular that caused me to loathe the telephone. I could not bring myself to answer the phone once I got home from work.

Physical jobs can physically wipe you out, no doubt about that. A lot of office jobs can mentally exhaust you. This was one such job.

I admit that I have turned into a “don’t call if it can be said in a text” type of gal. I’m still not a big fan of talking on the phone. But I recognize that face to face or actual phone conversations are essential for communicating. Texts can be misinterpreted. They are less personal than hearing another’s voice or seeing their expressions when talking.

With a new relationship it’s important to make time for face to face communication as well as phone calls. You get so much more from these interactions than you would from texting. You can gauge a person’s tone, in person you can see their body language and how they are feeling with a particular topic. You cannot get any of that in a text.

As much as I prefer to text, I recognize that it is not a great way, by itself, to get to know someone. I remember growing up spending hours on the phone laughing with girlfriends or even with someone I was dating. Boy have things changed. It seems like everyone just wants to text these days. Don’t misunderstand, texting is great but it has its place. People need human interaction. Texting is so informal. It also shows a lack of interest if a person is not willing to engage in face to face or telephone conversations.

Texting is easy. Making time for someone in order to engage in an actual conversation takes more effort. Technology has made our lives more efficient but sometimes we need to go back to the basics. Communication is one such case.

6 thoughts on “Now and Then, Relationships and Communication”

  1. I work in customer service. I also have a fear of talking to people I don’t really know. But while I’m at my job I seem to excel at personal contact with the clients. But not the staff. It’s weird. But having to put myself out there to talk to the staff drains me once I’m home because I’ve spent all day talking to people I don’t really know. I hate even talking when I’m home. I have a hard time making conversation with my family members. I wish I wasn’t like that, because your message makes a lot of sense. 😊

    1. It’s hard when it’s your job. I too come home and just have to sit back. I tell my daughter if I’m in that mode. I ask her to give me a few minutes to just sit in silence. It’s taxing on you.

      1. Do you have a long commute home? I would take a little longer route home from work. I’d play my music and it was my time. I had to work it out cause when I got home back then, I had a little one that needed hours of help with studying. Sometimes we just need a little time out to get it together.

      2. My commute is about 20 minutes. I love being with my children and I want to come home and just BE with them. It’s the talking I have a problem with. My daughter is 5, so no need to get real deep with the convo. But my son is 14. He doesn’t live with me, I only see him on weekends or school holidays. When I go to get him, it’s about an hour drive, I find it hard to make conversation with him because he’s 14 and would rather talk to his friends not his mother, and I often can’t think of subjects to bring up. When I ask him about school, work, friends, etc. if just says “fine”. Teenagers… my real issue is my husband. He either tries to give me solutions to the issues I have, or he tells me extremely long, detailed stories of his day. And if I don’t give him my COMPLETE attention he gets frustrated with me, so I often try not to talk to him. He asks me how my day was, but I don’t want to talk about work if I’m not there. I understand that those are my own problems that I have to try and figure out, but I do appreciate your advice. Many times, on my ride home, I’m thinking back to make sure I didn’t forget anything at work, or try to plan what needs to be done when I get home. I do try to listen to podcasts on the drive to distract myself from myself.

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