Home Depot Loves Me!

Our area had a strong storm come through this week. I had a couple large branches and a lot of small ones down. It was time for a chainsaw purchase. I knew going in that I’d need an electric one. I’m not strong or graceful enough for the “real” chainsaws.

I found one at a reasonable price. While I was there I decided to check out fire pits. I’m also in the market for a grill but I could only afford one. I found the perfect answer. A fire pit with a grill attachment. Sweet!

I will admit my shortcomings. One being that I am not mechanical. I can’t put things together. I lack the patience. Period. As luck would have it, there were only two of the said fire pit left. Both were displays. Yessss! So, I got my fire pit already assembled!!

The yard is now cleaned up and I have my firewood for my pit. I’m exhausted, dirty but very happy. It has been a great day and all my personal limbs are still attached! Bonus!

All that being said, I will likely take the day off tomorrow from my blog. I have to work tomorrow and today has exhausted me. Time for me to baby myself. Epsom salt bath, ice packs and rest! Oh, and an Ibuprofen. Many blessings to all!

13 thoughts on “Home Depot Loves Me!”

      1. I can never get a chainsaw that works.. my wife got me a craftsman chainsaw a few years ago. It’s only cranked about 4 times. Borrowed one from work a few weeks ago and it worked great for a couple minutes and it farted out. Couldn’t get it to start. I hate technology. I’ll use an axe..

        That’s a nice fire pit you got! I’ve wanted to get stones and make one, but never got around to it..

      2. I think they’re designed that way to see just how dumb we are.. how many times will someone pull that cord before giving up..

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