Laugh for Today-Wrong Number Responses

19 thoughts on “Laugh for Today-Wrong Number Responses”

  1. I was 12 years old home alone sick when the phone rang I answered it and said …Hello…then the voice on the other end said don’t hello me you MF….and he continued to curse for 3 minutes straight. Once he was done he said now what do you have to say for yourself …I said “Who is this?” The man realized he dialed the wrong number and apologized and hung up. Ooops

      1. I had quite the story to tell my parents when they came home lol again this was when I was 12 years old still had rotory phones lol

  2. Folks and their sexy pics never get enoughπŸ˜‰I sent my ultrasound pic to my best friend who had since changed his number and I didn’t know it, the person was nice enough to wish me congratulations.😊 But this is a fear of mine, so if someone doesn’t text me right back, I automatically think it was some weirdo with the wrong number😣

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