Adventures of Laura-Are You Ducking Kidding Me?

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Set the scene-Our local state hospital is a popular place to walk as the grounds are beautiful and peaceful. Several lakes, huge beautiful trees. Just beautiful.

While finishing my last lap at the State Hospital today, three geese are chasing a small duck, pinning it down and jumping on top, plunging their beaks into the duck’s face.

The little duck gets away and they catch him and it starts all over again. Then a third time.

What the hell?! Bullies!

I had enough! I ran up to the geese and squirt them with my water bottle. Once! Twice! The third time, they stopped. Woo hoo!

This is where things got weird. That damn duck and all his duck friends start running at me. What the hell? My bad!

I think I broke up a water fowl gang bang. And it was not appreciated. Again, my bad.

Only me!

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