Trends-the 80s

Oh yes! Every generation has them. Some were alright and some, not so much! I grew up in the 80s. Let’s see. What should I cover first? The hairstyles! The bigger the hair, the better. Or so we thought. I will admit that Aqua Net was my friend. It was a friend to many. How we have any hair left after years of using that concrete in a can is beyond me!

Good Lord! That ’80s hair should have been registered as a deadly weapon! That hair didn’t move! Hurricane winds could not defeat the Net!

As bad as girl’s hairstyles were in the 80s, I gotta say, men had us beat! Allow me to jog your memory! The mullet! What in the hell was that? Business in the front and party in the back! Alrighty then! So glad to see that style go!

Let’s see, what other cringe worthy trends were there in the 80s? Oh I know! Leg warmers! Who thought those up? Yes, Jane Fonda made them look hip and Olivia Newton-John made them sexy but she could make a paper bag look sexy. Leg warmers were just an odd trend.

We might not have needed something to keep our legs warm if all of our pants weren’t fashionably ripped! I am just saying!

Not all trends were bad. At least not in my opinion. I still love those hoop earrings. Though I don’t wear ones near as large as I did back then.

I loved the multi-bracelet look. Thank you Madonna!

Two of my favorite trends of the 80s:

  • Parachute pants
  • High-waisted pantsYes, I loved those parachute pants. They were cool to the touch and very comfortable. Not to mention the wide array of colors that they came in! As for the high-waisted pants, I feel like they accentuated a woman’s figure while flattering and kept your assets covered. These pants these days, you can’t bend over without showing crack!So many trends over the years. Some might make a comeback. Ya never know! Let’s hope it’s not the mullet!
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    1. Ah, memories! I rocked my mullet – I only managed to do big hair for my graduation. LOL As for my ripped jeans, I got those the old fashioned away; I wore them out, throwing bales.

      Remember Hammer Pants? Knickers? (I think those only lasted as a trend for a single season.) Jeans with a pinstripe down the side? Jeans with zippers that extended all the way to the lower back (those had a rather crude nickname!)? Jelly shoes? Bright blue eye shadow?

      Legwarmers have made an attempt at a comeback, but more as a handmade item in knitting and crochet markets. πŸ˜‰

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