Food for Thought-Good Days, Worse Days

8 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Good Days, Worse Days”

      1. That is well worth sharing! I feel everyone needs to know about the Spoon Theory. If you do some image searches, there are some great charts people have made to illustrate it. I used to live in a co-op where the majority of people lived with some type of disability, both visible and invisible. Those with invisible disabilities had a much harder time explaining their pain and energy levels. It’s so much easier and understandable to be able to say, “I’m running out of spoons.”

      2. It’s just perfect! I shared it on my FB blog page. I know so many people with Fibromyalgia, MS, CFS. It is so accurate. I had some things I had to do today and I did them at my pace. There’s more that needs doing but I told myself, not today. I don’t want another episode like that. Thank you again for sharing this.