Con Artists

It is sad to see what some people will do to make money. There are so many scams out there, it blows the mind. Today someone tried to get to me. Not once, not twice but three times. Thankfully I am intelligent enough to know how to counter these individuals.

It really burned me though. This individual knew too much about me for my liking. They knew my unlisted cell number, my ex-husband’s full name, my wireless carrier and what state I live in. I didn’t give this individual any information.

Without giving too much detail, this individual was obviously trying to direct me into giving him account information. I didn’t let it get that far.

This was the first call. I simply told this man that I’d contact local authorities and the local business office to confirm what he was saying. Guess what happened? He hung up on me.

Later in the day I get a call from an unknown number. This time telling me that I am having my phone shut off. I hung up. I know better. About twenty minutes pass and here comes another unknown number call. Again, my phone is going to be shut off.

You know, I was having a great day. This pissed me off to no end! It made me paranoid first of all. Then I thought about all the older people that might fall for this scam and this really infuriated me.

I did report the first call; as I did have a number that I could report. There’s nothing else I can really do. I did shut down my Instagram and Twitter accounts just to be on the safe side. At least for now.

It’s just sad that I have to turn my world upside down because of assholes like this. This world is full of them unfortunately and you can never be too cautious.

21 thoughts on “Con Artists”

  1. The Reality Laura ,

    Is these cowards look for misinformed or vulnerable people to entice they are reading off a script so when you not laced in within first five mins they move on to the next potential victim or naive suckers.

    There are red flags you can look for that give their tells away.

    -Not wanting to give their name or the company information when requested.
    -Wanting money in iTunes gift cards or prepaid credit cards
    -Asking you to call another secondary number.

    Just because there are good people you trust and faith in, never be naive and think all ppl have good intentions.


  2. You shouldnt stop what you are doing, keep going forward, nothing would stop me, ever, some people dont have to do so they checking others instead of focusing on they own goal❤️🌸thank you for sharing i will try to share less my personal information online as well. Never thought it could ever happen🌼🧘‍♀️

    1. I know I shouldn’t let it keep me from my Instagram and such but I just think some social media needs to be monitored. I don’t have energy to blog, FB and everything else. I will find my way back to Instagram I’m sure. I enjoyed it. But gonna tighten up what I share and who I allow to follow and what I post. I had someone actually steal my credit card once somehow. They stayed in the finest hotel in Italy. So when this happened…I freaked!

      1. I have option on my card, every time i pay online or over 300euros i need to give permission by text message, which i receive from bank, its pretty save way. Yes its a bit scare thought, i hope you will be back soon on social media💃

    1. Yes!! I shut down my Instagram and Twitter almost immediately. I hated to but I know a lot of cons look for people on social media to get bits and pieces of info. The rest Im not sure how they get but I do not like it. It’s frightening the lengths people will go to steal. The saddest part is, these people have knowledge that can be put to good use but they use it for evil.

      1. I only had a phone number to report. Apparently it’s a big scam going on nationwide right now. These people can use what they call “burner” numbers and damn near untraceable.

      2. Right? My daughter told me this morning she’s getting them also. Several a day. They try to scare you into giving them information. My kid being mine, tells them she’ll wait for the police to arrive when they tell her a warrant has been issued for failure to pay for whatever they come up with. We both know we pay our debts so they are barking up the wrong tree. But we are also smart enough to not share with these people.

      3. They search for a prey and it’s easy when you don’t focus, glad your daughter is smart, they could trick you with these things! Hope the police will do something about it, it’s ridiculous

  3. My father fell for a bunch of crap when he was old and not thinking straight. It made me furious that people preyed on the vulnerable this way ~ and he was not a wealthy man. Glad you shut that down, Laura. 😡

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