Food for Thought-We’ll See

Amen! Amen! Amen! I most definitely am. I do understand that a degree of trust must be handed over when you allow people into your world. At one point I hated the idea of this. I’ve experienced enough in my life that I am at a point that my heart no longer leads the way. My brain and instincts do. My heart seems to be on stand-by these days.

I’m not a cold person by nature. To some this may sound as if I am. Far from it. I prefer to look at it as wisdom. I am wiser because of all of the things I have experienced. Because of these things, I no longer put faith in others. I put faith in myself.

No, this is not cold-hearted. I would say this is wise. I pay my own bills, I take care of myself, I do not need anyone to care for me. If someone wants to be a part of my life, the way I see it, they better bring something to the table. They better be ready to prove they are worthy of my time. My time is my most precious asset. Everyone should unapologetically reserve time only for those that prove themselves worthy of it.

Some might say I have trust issues. No, I have Deja Vu issues. There’s a big difference.

Many blessings!

14 thoughts on “Food for Thought-We’ll See”

  1. Well, we’ve been following each other’s blog for how long now? And we haven’t offended ourselves too badly… I say you and I will be excellent hall mates in the old folks home..

      1. Racing wheelchairs, ordering pizza on Friday nights, and heck.. I’ll stay in bed and call the nurses to accommodate my every whim… we’ll be rockstars!

      1. People think I’m so arrogant because of many points you mentioned, it’s their problem not mine 🙂 people that call you bitch secretly wish they have 5% of what you have ❤️

      2. I think you’re right. A lot of people do think it’s arrogance if I don’t give them my time. It’s not at all. It’s self love. I don’t need wrong kind of attention. I can take care of myself and I do not need someone. I’m too old to deal with the stupidity I see out there. I like my part of the world to be peaceful. I’m not letting just anyone in it.

      3. 💯 I totally agree! I’m so careful who to let in my life and I cut people off without even blinking! Self love is very important even though it took me long time to reach this point, this is why I don’t take any bullshit at all and I smell stupidity and lies from 100 miles, no one gets to throw their pile of trash on me, I’m not too young either 🙂 So I totally understand what you’re saying 👍

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