Sunday Fun Day!

I don’t get too many Sundays off. I have to go to the grocery, clean my bathroom and thinking a big pot of stew sounds like a great plan! I was hoping to get some “mud therapy” (walk) in but the weather has turned again. Thanks Mother Nature!

It sure would be nice if I had a Jetson style house! Oh that’s a beautiful fantasy! Back to reality. If I don’t do it, it’s not gonna get done. I will just crank up my tunes and it will get done in no time.

Well, it will be more enjoyable anyway. I really need to get a bin and put some more Winter items away. Another thing to add to my list. Ugh!

I couldn’t wait to become an adult. What was I thinking? Cause laying around watching cartoons or playing outside all day was just unbearable!

I’m gonna stop whining. At least I have the day off!! I can get things done early and enjoy the rest of my day. Hopefully. That’s the plan anyway!

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!!

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