Legend of the Vampyre

The first ever vampire story may be traced to Greek mythology.


A young Italian man, Ambrogio was cursed by the God Apollo, the Sun God. Apollo cursed him because he was in love with the same woman. (Selena) The curse caused Ambrogio’s skin to burn whenever exposed to sunlight.

Desperate, Ambrogio turned to Hades, the god of the underworld and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt for help. Ambrogio stole from Artemis to fulfill a bargain made with Hades. Artemis cursed him so that silver would burn his flesh upon contact.

Later, Artemis would take pity on Ambrogio. She gave him super strength, fangs and immortality.

Selena finally escapes Apollo and is reunited with Ambrogio. Artemis told them Selena could be made immortal also. He would have to drink her blood, killing her human body but transforming her. Then their blood combined, if consumed could turn anyone into a vampire.

Vlad the Impaler

Vlad Dracula was born in Transylvania, Romania. He ruled off and on for six years.

He got his name because his favorite way to kill his enemies was to impale them on a wooden stake.

Legend has it that he liked to dine amongst his dying enemies, dipping his bread in their blood and feasting on it. There’s no way to know if this rumor was true.

Many believe that Bram Stoker drew inspiration from Vlad to create Count Dracula. The similarities suggests this very well could be.

During the Middle Ages, superstitions about the existence of vampires spread like wildfire. The plague only fed these superstitions. Mostly due to people bleeding from the mouth. It was fairly common for the sick to be labeled a vampire. Rabies and other conditions also fed rumors about existence of vampires.

The myth of vampires in modern times is not a myth at all. Are they shape-shifting, sleep in a coffin, avoid sunlight, fang growing vampires of folklore? No. They are individuals, for whatever reason, enjoy “role play” and part of that includes drinking blood.

There is something very seductive about vampires in the movies. Most of them anyways. That could be the reason some people enjoy role playing. Mmm…I’ll stick with my vampire movies. The thought of drinking blood, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.




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