Song of the Day-Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine, Bad Boy

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day-Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine, Bad Boy”

  1. I love this song!
    I was reading your other post – I think I am middle ground. I would run a mile from any man that gave me cause for alarm, or was disrespectful to me. However, if a man comes across as so holier than thou and uptight about everything, I would be uncomfortable with him.
    I like someone who would never do anything majorly wrong, but they are not terrifyingly righteous. I can cope with untidiness, or messiness, or even a bit of laziness. But stealing, violence etc are too bad for me. At the same time I love down to earth, hard-working, kind.

    1. Oh I agree! I don’t deal with hot heads, thieves or arrogance. It’s scary though because some people are very good at hiding their dark side. That’s a master manipulator. They know how to woo and once they got ya then the mask falls. Some are obvious, some aren’t.

      1. Yes that is very scary.
        Ay….in a world where all men and women are imperfect – but some are sinister and scary, you have to be careful.