A 2 Z Challenge, C

C is for cookie! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

Here we are again. I chose the movies for my theme for the A 2 Z challenge. I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge. I decided to take whatever movie I select and tie my post themes to them. It’s challenging me but also giving me inspiration to think outside the box. Okay! Enough of all that.

My movie selection:

Shocking right?! Me, selecting a horror movie?! I love this movie as it is a story with several other stories within it.

Premise: Several friends end up stranded and start a campfire while they wait for help. To pass the time they share campfire stories.

The first is a cautionary tale used to scare teens into abstinence. It is the legend of a man with a hook hand terrorizing young lovers.

The second tale is about a couple meeting a terrifying creature on their honeymoon while traveling through the middle of nowhere in their RV.

The third tale is about an online predator and a young girl that learns a valuable lesson about people not always being who they pretend they are online.

The final tale is about a motorcyclist that takes shelter at an old farmhouse. There he meets a beautiful young woman. But everything is not always as it seems. It’s a ghost story with a twist.

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