Why are Women Attracted to Bad Boys? Is it in the Jeans? I Mean Genes?

I thought I’d make my theme each day coincide with my movie selection in the A 2 Z challenge. This should be interesting. The movie I chose for the letter B is Bad Boys. So here we are!

I hear men say, “good guys finish last.” “Women just want bad boys, then treat the good ones badly.” First of all it goes both ways. Second of all we cannot group everyone because of their gender into one category. That being said, every woman has dated or fallen for a bad boy.

Reasons? The possibilities are endless. I cannot speak for every woman. I can say that in my youth, I was attracted to the bad boys. Personally, I thought they seemed more manly. I associated their “badness” with strength. Boy did I have a lot to learn! (the hard way) I don’t think that I’m alone in this.

I think sometimes women don’t realize just how “bad” the bad boy really is. Not until it is too late. Women might want a bad boy, not Satan himself.

According to this article these are most likely the reasons women are attracted to bad boys:

Ovulation makes women think sexier men make better mates.

According to a study done in 2014, ovulation hormones cause women to be more attracted to Alpha men. Reason is they seem to have potential of being better mates and fathers. (Damn hormones!) We are attracted to men for procreation as men are to women. It’s a part of our make-up.

Narcissism gets you laid.

Hmm…interesting! Confidence is sexy. Narcissists are conceited. There’s a fine line between the two. A woman may mistake a bad boy’s arrogance for confidence. Bad boys possess the Dark Triad (DT) of personality traits which are narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. In a 2013 study of almost 130 undergraduate students, women gravitated to the DT men simply because they exude confidence.

Women want bad boys for flings.

If a woman is not ready for a serious relationship, why have a fling with a nice guy? She’s safe with a bad boy as he likely has commitment issues anyway.

Some women may feel safe with a bad boy.

Some women want a strong man to protect them from the dangers of this world. Not realizing that their bad boy just might be one of the dangers of this world!

There are unfortunately more bad boys to choose from than there are good.

This I find interesting. Not all men are bad. Not all men are narcissists. However narcissism is greater in men. At young ages boys are expected to act in certain ways as are girls. Boys are expected to sow their oats and girls are expected to stay pure. At least that was the way of things years ago. My point, are we raising bad boys? We see a stamp of approval given to men that score a lot by their peers. We hear parents excuse certain behaviors with a “boys will be boys” type attitude. Today we are overrun with people that have never had to suffer consequences for anything they have done wrong. Young adults that have a sense of entitlement. Why? Because nobody ever corrected their wrong-doing. Can this be a factor in there being more bad boys to choose from than good boys?


10 thoughts on “Why are Women Attracted to Bad Boys? Is it in the Jeans? I Mean Genes?”

  1. I like boys from the 50’s because they were a blend of each. Nice gentlemen who treated girls well… but then there was the rebellious streak. Some were really sneaky. Eddie Haskell comes to mind, LOL. They were the kind of guys who were really good at heart, but just having some fun. They all settled down and got married, usually sooner than later. No such types of men remain today. These are different times. In my youth, I chose a “funny bad boy” as a mate and it backfired. He was really humorous & entertaining, always in legal trouble, and always dodging the rules. He was a complete mess, and ruined his life with poor choices. At the time I thought he was “really cool” because he was such a punk. 😛

  2. I was always the nice guy who got screwed over more than half the time… my highly analytic brain understands this as, the bad boy is the forbidden fruit so to speak. Something a girl can easily lose. But the nice guy is the dog that will be faithful no matter how much you neglect him. It sounds weird but I’ve found it true.

    I was having a similar conversation just yesterday.. 😁

    1. Well like with everything else in life, the ones doing right have to suffer because of the ones doing wrong. By the time a woman realizes the things she does not want, she likely cannot differentiate between the good ones and bad ones. Everything starts to sound like lines of bs.

      1. I’ll give y’all this, it’s funny to listen to women talk about men as cruel. Women are capable of the same thing! And with a particular cruelty! I know it’s not true of all women. But most every one I ever came across lol!!

      2. That’s true. It’s just interesting.. all the women I tried hard to reach because they were suffering in bad relationships. But they wouldn’t come out. But they would leave me for a bad relationship in a second..

      3. I dunno. Sometimes people make decisions seeing things a certain way but find out that they weren’t seeing things as they actually were.

      4. I think some people actually like the drama and the pain..