Campfires and Human Civilization

With the knowledge of how to create fire came campfires. In these times, the campfire represented much more than just a time to gather and socialize.

With the ability to create and control fire, how humans lived changed in many ways. With fire came the ability to cook their food. But this was so much more. People gathered together at the fire. They cooked together, they began to eat together and they began spending more time communicating. “Colonies” formed. There is strength in numbers. The fire brought this all about. Fire provided light at night, heat in the cold, changed how and what was eaten, built colonies, provided protection from predators and it became a time for tending to spiritual and psychological needs.

Many great campfire tales came from tribes and the myths they held sacred. I would imagine it nearly impossible to trace many stories back to the originator.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s fire, there’s tales. Just think about how different the landscape was at one time. It was a different way of life.

I’m talking about the days when tv did not exist. When big cities were minuscule compared to what they are today. A time of the cowboy. Herding livestock hundreds of miles. I can only imagine those campfire tales!

Today, things are a lot easier in regards to day to day life. We no longer need a campfire nightly to protect us or to cook with. We have all of the modern day conveniences. The campfire still provides everything it did in the beginning but it’s no longer a daily need.

No, it’s not a necessity anymore. Campfires are however still a great way to gather your tribe and cook, eat, laugh and tell a few tales. My kind of night!

April 2016

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