Food for Thought-Conformity

Can you imagine feeling as though you’re not free to question something? This would kill me. I want the details. I want to know why. I think it would be like dying a slow death to have to conform. To not be able to be yourself. To have to fake it through each day. That would be absolute hell!

People follow others blindly without questioning anything. I would never want my daughter to follow. I want her to question things. I want her to be herself and love herself for who she is. I want her to disagree with me if that is what she feels. I didn’t raise a robot. I raised a human being. One that has her own feelings. Her own thoughts. Her own unique personality. To force anyone to conform is like erasing someone’s identity.

It’s scary to think how often this actually happens in the world. Think about the cliques in school. That is the perfect example. Some kid that is lost finds their way in with a group that they desperately want to be a part of. They mold themselves to fit in with this group’s ways. They stall their own growth by choosing to follow without questioning anything.

I feel it is important as parents to not push our own dreams onto the shoulders of our children. We had our chance, our time. If we feel unfulfilled because we did not attain a goal or desire we had in our life, that’s our issue. Not our children’s. They have their own lives to live and should be taught to think for themselves. To do this for our children is gifting them with strength to stand alone and the fortitude to carry on through adversity. If we don’t, we have created individuals that are not individuals at all. We created sheep.

I leave you with this quote:

Don’t just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything. ~George Carlin

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