Fairy Tales and Unrealistic Expectations

The article below discusses the unrealistic expectations fairytales give to young people. First off, they always have a happy ending. Life is not like that. Life is nothing like a fairytale. Do fairytales offer children an escape? Absolutely! Everyone needs an escape. Why do adults read? So, is the issue the interpretation and impact on young impressionable minds?

I don’t have an issue with fairytales with one exception. The rescuing of the damsel. We see in fairytales the beautiful Princess being rescued by a handsome Prince. Well that’s sweet and all but it also sends the message that females need a man to rescue them.

We need to remember the time in which these fairytales were written. That is why the female is always in need of rescuing. If these tales were written today, can you imagine how different the stories would be?

This is why I love the movie, Ever After. We know the damsel in distress is strong and she will be just fine with or without a prince coming to her rescue. She’s a fighter. This alone is beautiful. It’s a message that young girls need to see. Make your way, don’t count on anyone to rescue you. When life kicks your ass, kick back! That’s my kind of fairytale!

March 2017


8 thoughts on “Fairy Tales and Unrealistic Expectations”

  1. I love all the fantasy stuff, but yes it’s bad for us too. I think so now. In so many subtle ways we get warped by the pictures we’re fed of lives that don’t exist. I don’t mean just the dragons and knights and princesses, but all of it… problems solved quickly, money made easily, goals reached smoothly. We grow up on this dreamy unrealistic fluff.

  2. I have an issue with movies made for adults depicting perfect love stories,passionate love scenes, girls that are always prettier than me, men better looking than my husband….
    ‘They’ are getting better about this, but it’s still an issue.
    You also need (should, sorry.) to watch Moana. Frozen and Moana are both great movies, but Moana is more about Girl-Power to me, more-so than Frozen. See what you think.

  3. You could always go with the original Grimm fairy tales. They did not end so…cleanly lol. Disney cleans them up a lot. But speaking of Disney, I recall the groundbreaking part of Frozen was, while of course true love saves the day, it wasn’t a dashing prince or charming commoner with a prince-worthy heart that saved the day. And why do I dance around so as not to give spoilers? Lol

    1. That is true!! I have not seen Frozen yet. I’m going to have to put that on my list. When my daughter was young, we watch Disney movies all of the time. She still loves them so I’m sure she would love to watch it with me.

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