The Existence of Angels

Some people only believe in what they can see and touch. Some, not all. I do not doubt for a second in the existence of angels. If you believe in God, then you believe in Heaven and in angels. I believe in good and I believe in evil.

I believe angels are always around us. Guiding us and watching over us. I believe that fallen angels are amongst us as well. Doing the devil’s bidding.

Temptation is all around us every day. We are sinners by design. We are not immune to temptation. The world grows more corrupt and some temptations are actually right in our faces accepted as a part of every day life these days.

Now I’m no prude, I’m just calling it as I see it. Can you imagine some of what is acceptable these days being viewed by a time traveler from the 1950s? They’d die from shock. The world has changed considerably. I’m not saying all change has been bad. Oh no. Some changes are positive ones.

I look at life kinda like an obstacle course. The finish line is Heaven. That’s the goal. It’s not about finishing first, it’s about finishing. The obstacle course will present many challenges. There will be many things that we have to overcome to make it to that finish line. That’s life. Ups and downs. The good and the bad. It’s the ultimate test.

7 thoughts on “The Existence of Angels”

      1. You’re welcome! I actually have some stories but not enough time to tell them all..

  1. I like to believe that there are angels around us the entire time! I was always fascinated by all movies or series that is related to this topic, I remember “Touched By An Angel” I’m a huge fan of “Ghost’s Whisperer” City of angels movie…
    And I wrote My Mother’s Angels because I feel that most of times I was rescued by angels

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