4 thoughts on “Gaslighting Techniques to Watch Out For”

  1. My ex husband did some of this. He wanted me to trust him only and never have any other sources of info. He was a brilliant man, and for a long time I was okay with the situation, but if I ever questioned anything, he flew into a rage or gave me the silent treatment. Turns out he didn’t know everything after all.

    Not every situation will mirror the list, so people have to stay alert. Men I met after my ex were never “as bad” as he was, so I let down my guard, but they were lesser narcissists, minor liars, and still hurtful. I have a post in draft about a bit of this. 🙂

    1. While researching this, it says that men are almost always gaslighters. I cannot help but wonder how much of it is male ego? I understand that narcissism is typically behind extreme cases. But there are definite degrees here. As females roles changed, did this change how some men relate in relationships? Let me know once you post your draft. Very interested in reading!

      1. Thanks. I’ve read instances of women tangling a man in lie after lie and somehow convincing him that HE is the one to blame for it all… but you’re right, it’s rare. It’s almost always the other way around.

        My post, this one anyway, is about a specific person, and he’ll know it’s him if he reads it, so I have to be careful. Soon!