A 2 Z Challenge

I sure have enjoyed this challenge! I’m going to hate to see it end. The letter today is I. My theme is the movies.

In the future, people do not age past 25. Sounds great huh? Well, the catch is that all humans are given a year to live unless they can buy their way out of it. It is a time in which time is currency.

You work and collect time. It pays your bills but it also keeps you alive. Miscalculation is deadly. The rich accumulate time at a much higher rate than the average person. Earning decades in a blink of an eye. They are essentially immortal.

Will, played by Justin Timberlake is given a gift of hundreds of years by a wealthy man who then commits suicide. Timekeepers (police of this time) think Will murdered said individual and are in pursuit.

In the process Will meets Sylvia, played by Amanda Seyfried and together they rebel against the system.

It’s a different movie. One that really makes you think about how precious time really is.

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