A 2 Z Challenge, J

This was a difficult one to narrow down. There are many movies that I adore that start with the letter J. Jaws, Jumanji, Jurassic Park and on and on. I made my decision because of my love for this movie, the story. It has been remade many times and I go to see every remake. Without further ado…

It’s always been one of my favorites. It’s funny cause I hate to see great movies being remade. For some reason I don’t mind with the Jungle Book. There is something in each that I adore.

I won’t bother to give the synopsis of the movie. I’m fairly certain most are already familiar with it.

5 thoughts on “A 2 Z Challenge, J”

  1. Is this the one that was released at the cinema about three years ago? I always loved the cartoon Jungle book – (although I was very scared at some points) but the recent version I saw was incredible.

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