3 thoughts on “Chivalry”

  1. Despite the ever growing ignorance in this country, I find it very refreshing to see that there are still women who like chivalry. Even though I’m a bit of a cultured “Neanderthal”, I do try to be courteous and well mannered. Though sometimes I feel like I come across too nice.. but then again, in a selfish world, being nice is a strange thing..

    1. Chivalry is always a good thing. Everyone should act respectful to everyone. In a perfect world, huh? I think both men and women are confused about their parts these days. Women are strong and capable of taking care of their self. Men need to respect that and understand it. However that should not suggest that a woman does not want a man to act respectfully and to be strong when she feels weak. What do men want? Hell if I know! 😂😂😂

      1. I never thought of chivalry as thinking of women as incapable or weak. It’s rather respectable for a man to treat a woman chivalrous. But just my opinion.

        I don’t speak for all men, but all I want is respect and for people to treat me the way they would treat themselves.

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