Tell the Story-The Big Bad Wolf

The townspeople could hear the painful howls every night of the large male wolf. The legend was that several centuries ago, a young man fell in love with a local girl that had already caught the eye of an evil warlock. The young girl had never given the warlock any reason to believe he stood a chance. This did not matter. Once the warlock saw the young couple together it sent him into a rage.

He put a curse on them both. The young boy would be turned into an immortal. His immortal life would be spent as a wolf. The young woman would also be cursed with immortality. She would remain forever young, forever beautiful and forever lonely.

The young woman had inherited a vast estate and fortune. Her family’s estate was on the outskirts of town hidden upon a mountain. No one ever saw her. She stayed locked away on her estate hidden behind acres of stone walls. She had servants that took care of things in town for her. It was rumored that she paid them very well to keep her secrets.

Her love roamed her land at night keeping careful watch. During the day, he would rest inside the mansion. She had cared for her love, her wolf for centuries. Neither ever gave up on the other though the relationship was altered.

She had never given up hope that one day, she’d find a warlock to undo the curse put upon them by the evil warlock all those centuries ago.

Sometimes at night she’d walk to the cemetery located at the edge of the woods. It is said she’d go there to visit not just her family but to stand over an unmarked grave. She would stand there and the wolf stood with her.

The locals believe this to be the final resting place of the evil warlock that had cursed them. He had mysteriously disappeared a few years after placing the curse on them. The grave was unmarked but it had ancient symbols all around it. The legend was that these symbols ensured that the warlock could never return to this realm. He would remain in the ground for all eternity. His own private purgatory.

If they could not be free to live their lives as they wished, at least they could take comfort in knowing that no one else would have to endure being cursed by the warlock ever again.

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      1. Lol!! Maybe in time… we all seem to have a niche for a particular style. I can’t seem to always write dark, but I’ve been playing some strange dark stuff on guitar lately.

        I think it’s safe to say you’re permanently on the TTSC list of nominees 😁

      2. You’re awesome! And I enjoy challenging my favorite writers! 👍🏻