A 2 Z Challenge, N

Here we are once again!! It’s time to select a movie for the letter N.

The Net: Starring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller

Angela Bennett (Bullock) is a system analyst that works from the privacy of her home for the Cathedral Company. Almost all of her interpersonal relationships are online. A co-worker forwards her a disk containing a security system called Gatekeeper. He wants her to figure out why it crashes when a certain key is hit. He plans to fly to see her the following day but is killed when his plane crashes.

She heads on her already booked vacation to Cozumel. Where she meets a handsome man, Jack Devlin (Northam). They seem to have a lot in common. He is everything she ever wanted in a man. After seducing her, his true intentions come forth.

Angela escapes with her life. However, the next day she finds her entire world turned upside down. Her identity altered, she’s a wanted woman and she is being pursued by Devlin and the corporation he works for.

She has to figure out exactly why and deciphering the disk her coworker sent her is the key to everything.

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