Obsessive Love Disorder, Stalkers and the Law

Obsessive Love Disorder

Stalking, controlling, manipulating, instilling fear, physical abuse, sexual abuse. Does this sound like love? No! It sounds like obsession.

Love can die and feelings spiral out of control. One might transform from a caring individual into an obsessive and abusive individual. One that seeks to gain control over the one that was once their love but has since become their object of obsession. Love gone bad, if you will.

This does not mean it is justifiable to act in such a manner. It is a good indicator of something lacking in said individual. To seek out to injure someone you once loved suggests deep-seated issues to begin with.

People who develop this tend to have:

Attachment disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Delusional jealousy



Obsessional jealousy

If you are a victim of this, you need to get away from said individual. They need help. You cannot help them. They have to help themselves.


What about those individuals that become obsessed with someone they do not really know? We hear about it all the time in the celebrity world. Stalkers living under the delusion that they have a love affair with said celebrity. Erotomania!

These individuals are quite obviously mentally disturbed. Many live to follow the object of their obsession. They stalk, torment and some have even murdered the individual they are obsessed with.

The Law

Over 85% of stalking victims are stalked by someone they know. An average of 7.5 million people are stalked yearly. The punishment for stalking has gotten harsher over the years. With it being at epidemic proportions, it needed to!

I think we still have a long way to go however. I just read an article about a young woman that sought help from her local law enforcement on several occasions. Law enforcement actually fined her for filing false claims. She was then murdered by her stalker. She had nobody there to prevent it. Nobody there to help her. Yes, I believe that our law enforcement officials need training in how to better handle such cases. So that another victim does not lose their life.

Everyday ordinary people do not have body guards. They only have their local authorities to help keep them safe. The sad truth is many officers fail to take repeated offenses seriously or fail to categorize them as stalking. There seems to be a lot of “victim blaming” by authorities. The “what did you do to cause this” type attitude.

I wonder if they would feel differently about this if it was their mother, their daughter, their sister being stalked?






6 thoughts on “Obsessive Love Disorder, Stalkers and the Law”

  1. This is very interesting article for a very dangerous and disturbing subject! It’s definitely has nothing to do with love, many mental disorders and issues that need to be resolved…These people are so dangerous because they seem so normal sometimes therefore hard to catch them before it’s too late
    “I wonder if they would feel differently about this if it was their mother, their daughter, their sister being stalked?”
    I believe they are beyond saving and they don’t feel like us
    Thank you for sharing <3

    1. I agree. Absolutely has nothing to do with love. I truly believe part of the issue is getting people to believe you. Because yes, some of these people are just evil and do things to mess with the object they are obsessed with. It’s hard to understand how anyone can act in such a way without provocation. But they do.

      The laws in regards to having someone committed are tricky. There was a time people committed loved ones unjustly just to attain their assets. To prevent such things, the laws changed. Now it’s difficult without a crime already having been committed to get someone institutionalized.

      These individuals are terrifying. You hit it right on the head. Many are mentally deranged but can function quite well in every day life. By all appearance a stable individual. They are masters of illusion. These are the ones that I find most terrifying.

      1. Oh yes it’s the main part! Because when someone is acting so weird, you run immediately, and usually these people are not harmful as much as those who appear like angles, kind and perfect! They freak me out to be honest even though I’m not judgmental but I start wonder where are your flaws, what you’re hiding, are you a f**** serial killer haha
        These people if they turned out to be sick and dangerous imagine the harm they are anyway doing it on daily basis! This is really tricky; I mean some people might misuse the law but a crime? Really? There must be something in the middle to protect people!
        I respect more the person that says hey I’m fucked up, I have these flaws and you choose if you’re okay with that, than those hypocrites and manipulative and you don’t know what they are hiding, about the stalkers and obsessed people, the more they show, the more it’s easier to run for your life! But nowadays with the social media and everyone is exposed, I can only imagine how happy are these psychopaths! What a sick world

      2. Exactly right!! I’m the same way. I want to know your negatives. Don’t hide that shit from me cause it makes me nervous. If someone seems too good to be true, run! One thing I have figured out. Watch out for those that place value in things not people. Because to them, you are just an object too.

      3. Can’t agree more! Show me your damn negatives!!
        These people have no value for human beings indeed and nowadays they’re the ones ruling the world, unfortunately…