Hackers, the Assholes of the Internet

Vulnerabilities, it’s like handing a hacker a key into your world. Everything has vulnerabilities. The internet is no different. Scam artists are everywhere. People looking for easy money at the expense of others. They have always been around. Pick-pockets, snake oil salesmen, posers. You name it, it has been done.

Along comes the Internet, connecting the world. As it grows, so does the risks. Online banking, online shopping, paperless bills. On and on. Everything about us is online. Everything! It makes life so much more convenient. It also makes it easier for our personal information to be attained.

The truth is, hackers are very intelligent individuals. Not all use their savvy for bad. Some work for corporations to ensure all vulnerabilities are found and fixed. Unfortunately, there are many out there hacking solely to burglarize people.

We can safe guard our home computers but the truth is that there is only so much we can do. We cannot protect ourselves completely. Every single time we use our credit or debit cards, we trust the company to have safeguards in place to protect our privacy as well.

According to Lifelock, the best way to protect yourself is by following the following steps:

  1. Use passcodes for your devices
  2. Create strong and unique passwords for online accounts
  3. Limit social media sharing
  4. Be wary of free Wi-Fi
  5. Close all unused accounts

Nothing is a 100% guarantee. Some of the biggest corporations have been breached. We live in a time where we must always be vigilant. The Internet. Enter at your own risk.




4 thoughts on “Hackers, the Assholes of the Internet”

  1. I hate hackers, scammers, spammers, ID thieves, and stalkers/harassers. My view is we should make much harsher penalties for these misdeeds. They are stealing everyone’s time and productivity, not to mention peace of mind. We all have to spend so much time and money protecting ourselves from these assholes, including the increased prices we pay on products because of security measures that sellers have had to take.

    1. Absolutely 💯 agree! I started a new Twitter and deleted 100 plus people on my Instagram after I started getting calls trying to get more information from me. I say more as they already knew too much for my liking. It’s harassment, burglary. Should be charged as such!

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