A 2 Z Challenge, P

Time to select a movie for the letter P. I saw a few that I liked. But this one has several stories happening. I can take my other posts in many directions to tie them into my movie selection. You know me and the “theme” thing!

Starring: Nick Nolte, Barbra Streisand, Kate Nelligan, Melinda Dillon, Brad Sullivan and Blythe Danner

New York therapist Susan Lowenstein (Streisand), is treating Savannah (Dillon) who has yet again attempted suicide. Savannah is not able to open up about things from her childhood. The therapist starts meeting with her twin brother, Tom (Nolte) in hopes of finding out what Savannah is repressing that is driving her deteriorating mental health.

Tom himself has issues. His marriage is on the skids and though his memories are all intact, he has spent his entire life, pushing them deep down pretending they do not exist.

Through their session, Tom and Susan form a bond and fall in love. The sessions bring out the truth about their tumultuous childhood. Horrors that Lowenstein could have never imagined.

One hell of a movie! It has everything!


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