The Debate on Whether or not Repressed Memories Should be Recovered

A very provocative question. It is a hot topic in the field of Psychology. I’m going to voice my opinion on this one. First the ability to repress trauma is a gift. It gives someone that had suffered a trauma and/or abuse a way away from reality. Their reality was traumatic. If the abuse stopped for whatever reason, the individual very likely will temporarily “forget” the darkest most painful part of the abuse. Giving them a chance to live a more normal existence for a time. Here’s the kicker. It’s still with them. It will always be there.

It’s very much like a boiling pot that was placed on the back burner. Just because the abuse has stopped does not mean the damage is not there. Some abuse victims end up being abusers themselves or they form a pattern with one abusive relationship after another. I saw this in case files when I worked at the Prosecutor’s office.

So the question is: is it wise to help unlock the repressed memories? I am going to answer this question with a question. How do you conquer something if you do not face it head on?

If one is inflicting damage to themselves, spiraling out of control, they must face the issue head on. It’s not going to be pretty. It’s going to be damn hard. It’s never easy discussing things that caused great pain. But if they do not get it out, it will continue to poison them.

Let go and let God!

Dec 2018

3 thoughts on “The Debate on Whether or not Repressed Memories Should be Recovered”

  1. I believe it will be a hard to recover repressed memories, as you said the ability to repress trauma is a gift. So probably they should stay where they are to not ruin our lives…I don’t know though I’m not really sure about it 🙂 I know I repressed many things inside that I don’t even know where the hell they are so probably it’s better that way
    Thank you for sharing, I enjoy Psychology topics

    1. Most welcome!! Oh it really is a gift to repress. If a person is living a good life, by all means leave it. No sense in stirring up trouble. But if they are on a self destructive path then it needs addressing. Chances are they remember some but not all the bad things. If they seek counseling and start talking about what they do remember, chances are pretty good that the memories that have been repressed, will come back to them. Which sucks but if someone is self destructing or even forming negative patterns that hinder their growth, then they definitely need help.

      1. Yes I know what you mean, better keep them repressed then, no one is 100% sane but I guess if you’re not harming anyone or yourself, must be okay
        Thank you for your reply <3