Reelz-Gone too Soon, Thinking out Loud

By coincidence, Reelz is running a marathon on actors and musicians that left this earth entirely too soon.

I don’t want to talk about their untimely deaths. I don’t want to talk about accidental overdoses. I don’t want to talk about drug addiction. I don’t want to talk about suicide.

I want to talk about life. Here was a group of wealthy, beautiful, talented individuals that seemed to have it all. They had their triumphs. They had their letdowns. They had great times and bad times. They did magnificent things, they did things that they may have been ashamed of. They were human. Flawed as all of us are. Money does not prevent life from happening. It cannot wipe away our frailties.

One thing about artists when they pass, they leave behind a legacy. Their writings, music, movies will go on. They are eternal.

Let’s not remember these artists for their tragedies. They were so much more than what ended their lives. So much more.

Many blessings!

12 thoughts on “Reelz-Gone too Soon, Thinking out Loud”

  1. I miss Robyn Williams, among many others.
    It’s hard not to remember him for all the wonderful things he did and the millions of people he helped to have a better day, just by laughing.

  2. My favorite star of all time died in a tragic accident at 22. But because he was so amazing and talented, when I listen to his music I’m never thinking about how/when he died. Of course it’s there– it happened, but like you said about these people, “they were so much more than what ended their lives” Very well put! Thanks for another great post! 🙂