A 2 Z Challenge, S

I’m excited about this one. It’s one of my favorite movies. I could watch this movie a thousand times and never grow tired of it. It is a comedy-drama (adventure galore) with multiple stories, life lessons and some absolutely fabulous characters. One of the best!

Starring: Michael Caine, Robert Duvall, Haley Joel Osment, Kyra Sedgwick, Christian Kane and Josh Lucas

Walter (Osment) is dropped off at his two eccentric uncle’s house to spend the Summer. His Mom (Sedgwick) is off to find her a man. Hub (Duvall) and Garth (Caine) supposedly have a fortune hidden away. Another reason Walter’s mom is leaving him there. Hoping he can find the fortune.

Hub and Garth are set in their ways and they do their own thing. They weren’t very welcoming at first to Walter. Over time they warm up to him and begin sharing tall tales from their past.

A strong bond is formed between them and Walter finally gets all the things he has been missing in his life.

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