A 2 Z Challenge, T

The letter T. I have to go with this movie as it is one of my favorites. It is a sci-fi thriller and a love story all rolled up into one.

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Mary Steenburgen and David Warner

H. G. Wells’ (McDowell) has built a time machine. He shares his plans to test it out with several of his friends at a dinner party. One guest, Dr. Stevenson aka Jack the Ripper (Warner) tests it out first. He does so to escape the police when they close in on him. Without the key, the time machine will return to its original destination. Once it does, Wells follows the Ripper into the future in hopes of bringing him back to face justice. When he arrives in the future he meets a beautiful woman (Steenburgen) that tries to help him in his cause.

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