Food for Thought-That World No Longer Exists

As children we did not see the dangers that surrounded us. Our parents sure did though.

Don’t talk to strangers!

Don’t go near that busy road!

Be home by 11!

Stay away from that boy, he’s nothing but trouble!

The list goes on and on! Are these things that I have said to my daughter? You betcha! The dangers and pitfalls that exist now, existed back then too. That being said, obviously, there are factors that have drastically changed the parenting landscape.

We now have to worry about online dangers. That was not a factor when we were growing up. Now we have cyber bullying, online harassment or stalking and the predators use the internet to scope for prey. You never know who exactly someone is online. A kid might think they’re talking to a 13 year old kid but it very well could be a sexual deviate posing as a kid in order to lure a child into their web.
The population has increased significantly. This will naturally drive crime up! The more people, the more crime. It wasn’t that these things never occurred when we were kids. They certainly did. The crime rate is naturally going to be higher today than years gone by. It’s common sense. But this means more senseless acts, more criminals per capita. As parents, this is naturally a worry. How do we safeguard our kids from such things?

Many kids have just one parent. It isn’t that one parent is incapable of raising a child successfully. It does have far more challenges than a two parent family. It also means kids having to grow up faster.

Kids today are raised with technology at their fingertips. It’s a different time. They socialize online. They do homework online. They play games online. Cellphones, iPads, computers are a necessity in the world today. It is now necessary to encourage youth to go outside to play. It wasn’t when we were growing up. We would have stayed out all night playing ball if our parents had let us.
Yes times have changed. How we parent has had to change also.

11 thoughts on “Food for Thought-That World No Longer Exists”

  1. Those 4 things are still good advice though. Car accidents are still a big killer. Why people don’t take this more seriously, idk. Parents are always worried about outlier events, yet cars, pools, accidents in the home, getting hurt by family members, etc. are still much greater sources of danger than getting kidnapped by some freak or hurt in a terror attack.

  2. Along with all the points you raised, rampant drug abuse and the crimes committed to fuel the habit, have substantially contributed to an unsafe environment for our kids—actually, for all of us. Our society is sick, in so many ways.

  3. Unfortunately so.. I don’t think I’m all that old, but man has the world changed in my little time! Things I did when I was a kid I would not dare allow my kids to do now!