Just Enough

Everything holds value. Priorities will always show what one values. Spent money means nothing. Spent time means everything.

I’ve talked a lot about time on my blog. I think the older I get, the more I understand the value of time. It’s precious. We will never touch the same moment twice. Once a moment has passed, that’s it.

Life can push us in so many directions. Work, responsibilities at home, unexpected events can drain us both mentally and physically. Let’s face it, all of us wear many hats in life. We work to have things. The more we have, the more responsibilities we hold.

I want just enough. I don’t need a lot. Just enough. I don’t want things to dictate how I live. Do I have a nice home? I do. But it is a small home. I had big homes. With them came more expense and responsibilities. The more you have, the more it takes to maintain these things.

My priorities: my family, work, maintain my home, pay my bills and when I get the chance, go on little adventures. Those adventures are a priority. To get away from the every day grind. Forget responsibilities for a bit. Discover new things.

I don’t need a lot. Just enough.

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