The Reluctant Warrior

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    1. I cannot take meds for it. Had a reaction to one and not gonna try any others. I take Ibuprofen and sometimes pain meds. I try natural remedies first. I soak in Epsom salt baths regularly. A lot actually. I use peppermint oil on sore areas. I have posts about that. Please read cause it is not for everyone. There are alternatives. I keep moving but try to not overdo it. There’s a fine line. You cannot be too sedentary but you cannot go too much either. I try to keep my world as stress free, drama free as possible. Stress will bring it out every damn time. If I need to rest, I rest. If I cannot do something, I don’t. Even if it seems to be trivial to others, at that time for me it might be just too much. I make no apologies and accept that people only understand what they themselves have experienced. Many blessings to you!!

      1. if you’re open to discussion about it,, I would love to ask more questions. If you’ve already posted about what I have questions about, just let me know.
        #1: For what you’ve already posted about, what are the titles so I can search for it. You post a lot, I don;t want to get frustrated by searching. Sorry if that sounds lazy.
        2: Do you work? I’m struggling with figuring out if I can work with this condition. Work=stress most of the time. But then, how do I pay bills.
        I can;t believe you’ve been dealing with this for 20 years, in your picture you look so young.
        I’m having issues being “diagnosed” with FM. So my doctors are treating me for the arthritis that they can see. The treatments are not working and they refuse to listen to me about the pain that I’m feeling.
        I think you are amazing for taking only ibuprofen most of the time. I could not function without narcotics, and I hate it.
        I will look through your posts and see what I can find, thank you. I know you are probably very busy. I also know that sitting at a computer can be painful as well, as I sit here and struggle just to type.

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