Game of Thrones-Nears the End

No spoilers here! I promise. I remember the first time I watched GOT. The first few episodes were interesting but not great. A lot of back story. But I stuck with it as I was intrigued by some of the characters and story lines.

After the 4th episode of season 1, I was hooked! I convinced my daughter to watch the series with me. So, we did. Like me, after first 4 episodes, that was it! She was sold!

Next week will be the final episode of the series. I hate it! I really do not want to see it end. It’s been a staple in my life for many years now.

It’s funny how we can get attached to fictional characters. It’s genius writing really. Everything about the series is genius! There have been several series I have followed on HBO and other movie channels over the years. Six Feet Under, Dexter, True Blood just to name a few. I don’t know where these movie channels find these writers but kudos!! Keep it up!! I’m gonna need a new drug when GOT is done.

9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones-Nears the End”

  1. I loved last night’s episode! I am disappointed generally though in the way they’re rushing through this last season and leaving so many loose ends. They should have made 10 eps like prior seasons.

  2. I can relate even though I didn’t watch it before the end of season 6 but when I did, I watched 6 seasons in one week 😂
    I’m disappointed with season 8 big time, didn’t watch yet today’s episode but I keep hearing it’s also not so good
    First 6 seasons were amazing, season 7 not bad but season 8 oh well not a good ending for such great success story
    I love the Starks BTW 🐺

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