Song of the Day-The Beatles, Revolution

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day-The Beatles, Revolution”

  1. I’m completely against revolution , and disagree quite completely with the Fab Four about absolutely everything whatsoever, but I can’t help being such a staunch lifelong fan of theirs, in a qualified sense. If you’ve been reading my blog, you can’t possibly help knowing that I so disagree with their ideas. This is such a Fab song.

      1. I’ve heard Lennon and McCartney referred to as poets. I’m not sure if pop musicians qualify as poets, though Joan Baez recorded a version of Lord Byron’s ‘So We’ll Go No More A’Roving’, and the Beatles recorded a version of Thomas Dekker’s ‘Golden Slumbers’.

      2. I wrote a post on here entitled, the Correlation between poetry and music. Some I would definitely say are poets in regards to lyrics. Others not so much.

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