Failed Texas Bill-Death Penalty for Anyone Performing or Receiving Abortion including Rape Victims

17 thoughts on “Failed Texas Bill-Death Penalty for Anyone Performing or Receiving Abortion including Rape Victims”

    1. I agree with that. One of the biggest issues is that people cannot seem to communicate with each other. Not everyone agrees with one another. And that’s okay. But if we cannot discuss these topics and really listen to what others have to say then we get nowhere. Personally I feel abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. But I don’t know how that can be changed without outlawing it all together. Which takes choice away from ones that may have suffered an assault or maybe even a mother in which her pregnancy is endangering her life. There are no easy answers. But to take it as far as some of these politicians are is infuriating.

      1. Absolutely, when I said I was pro life with exceptions I meant the same. No using abortion as birth control and that unfortunately happens. I was wondering if giving the morning after pill to a rape victim has ever been on the table. As you said too much action with no conversation causes Chaos. On the otherhand some Pro life people don’t believe in schools discussing birth control options like preventing pregnancy. I just don’t get it. I believe also men have rights about if a woman should abort- it’s his baby too..

      2. I have been wandering about the morning after pill as well. I remember when that first came out the uproar! If we do not educate young people, we leave them to figure things out on their own or possibly by misguided friends. We can still teach Sex education and abstinence. People need to get real though. We were made to procreate. To populate the earth. God gave us the parts, ability and desire. The desire leads to sex, period. A lot of teens do not abstain. They have those hormones rushing and can get their self into trouble. But let’s not educate them on protection. 🤨

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