Name Your Tune

Thank you to John, the Eclectic Contrarian for the tag!


Post a song(s) and tell why it or they are about you.

You may nominate others but don’t have to. It’s about fun and getting to know each other better.

Here we go! A little glimpse of Laura-

I’ve been through some shit storms in my life. I’ve lost time to an accident, cancer and the last years of my marriage I hid away. Time that I was not living, just existing. I have come out on the other side stronger than ever! More determined than ever and I’ve never been as proud of myself as I am about the woman that has emerged through it all.

I stood my ground. We are not going to live forever. It’s now or never.

I’m making my way, doing things my way and trying new things. It’s my life!

It’s your turn! I’m not tagging anyone. If you want to participate, please do!! The more the merrier! Pingback to original post above.

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