The Constructive Rant

I know there was a time, I bit my tongue to spare other’s feelings. At the expense of my own. Think about that a minute. Why allow anger to poison us? Isn’t it better to get it out? Yes!!

Here’s the thing though. It’s about the how and when. It’s never a good idea to let loose when anger is at the wheel. It will not be a productive rant. It will come off more like bitching. It’s best to wait until cooler heads prevail.

What about the how? Well, I wouldn’t use words such as you. It’s like pointing the finger and immediately will put the other person on the defense. The words, I feel is a better way to express your said issue.

I no longer hold my displeasure in. I remember the turning point for me. While I was going through cancer. I felt like I already was dealing with something poisoning me, I would not allow anything else to do so. It’s very unhealthy to allow anger to build. What ends up happening is an explosion that will result in casualties.

7 thoughts on “The Constructive Rant”

  1. There are people who no matter how diplomatic you are, how nicely you phrase things, take everything as an insult and get angry and defensive. With those kinds of people, you can’t “let it out”, especially if they are family.