WordPress Issues

If I do not respond to comments on my posts, it’s because I am unable to do so. If comments do not show up in my Notification Center then I am unable to respond to comments.

I have tried to send issue to WordPress but guess what? It won’t go through. So I tried to contact Help Center and every single time I hit on it, it shuts my app off.

So, if I do not respond, please know it’s not from a lack of trying! Ugh!

17 thoughts on “WordPress Issues”

  1. Arrghh how frustrating! So in your WP dashboard, you can’t respond to comments through the ‘comments’ part? Only through notifications? Not sure why your email won’t go through either, may be worth trying on desktop rather than app if you can. They need to fix this before it drives you up the wall (because it would drive me mad too)! xx

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    1. If it shows up in notifications on WP I can comment but a lot are not showing. Email doesn’t allow me to comment and hitting on post will nor allow me to comment. It is maddening! Luckily this one showed up in notifications! Lol!

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    1. I can comment on this as it’s in my feed. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s aggravating. I see on my posts people have commented but not in my feed. I always respond. I hate when I can’t. Aggravating!

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