Your Belief System

When we are young, we are shaped by our surroundings and our families. Everybody is a sum of their experiences. Good and bad. Sometimes we continue to believe the things instilled in us in our youth. Sometimes.

You are not your mother. You are not your father. Your experiences are unique to you. Naturally, our beliefs can change over time. We understand things from our experiences.

Throughout life our moral code or belief system will be tested. How we act in such times is a testimony to our character. We’d all like to think that we’d hold fast to our belief system always. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we don’t. I believe everyone has failed at one time or another. Failing does not make one a failure. It makes one human.

The most important testimony to one’s character is how they adjust to failing. Start over, remember your moral code and do better, be better, live better. Your belief system is always there. Your conscience will guide you. Get back to basics.

3 thoughts on “Your Belief System”

  1. Excellent post!!! Those values and principles are challenged more often then we care to believe and yes you may fail once but that doesn’t make one a failure …I have truly lived that !!!