Song of the Day-Black Sabbath, War Pigs

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day-Black Sabbath, War Pigs”

  1. My fav too. Perfect. Vietnam was a fucking nightmare in every way. It still is. And yes, the soldiers were treated horribly and it was our government who deserved all the anger and rage, not the guys. Our government will kill anyone (Kent State) and send us anywhere to die while they stay home and wrap themselves in safety. War Pigs.

  2. Probably my favorite BS song. They should play this song in schools but I’m not sure that many would favor an anti-war message. “Day of judgment, God is calling. On their knees the war pig’s crawling begging mercy for their sins.” 🙁

    1. A lot of songs from that time were anti-war though. CCR’s Fortunate Son is one. I don’t care for war, and I understand anti-war songs but my Dad volunteered for Vietnam. My dad spent 20 plus years in military. To fight for his country and be treated badly. It was a different climate back then.

      1. It was a shame how Vietnam vets were treated when they returned. Regardless of one’s thoughts about war, or our involvement in Vietnam, the returning soldiers deserved so much more than they ever got 🙁