Food for Thought-Regulating of Women

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  1. Well, now, you’re not just being sexist, but transphobic, too! Didn’t you now women can have penises, too? And men can have a uterous? So all this “men are evil” talk is just TERF talk. /sarcasm

    Fascinating that you are using a FAILED bill as your justification for claims that evil men are trying to control sweet, innocent, helpless, incapable of taking responsibility for themselves women.

    Also, using travesties of “justice” towards rapists is justification for a 97% rate of killing babies out of inconvenience?

    Oh, and there just has to be the TDS conspiracy theory thrown in, too (btw, his crude comment from over a decade ago was about what women LET him do, so if we’re about consent, you can thrown that one out, too).

    So you “feel” like women are being regulated? Sorry, but your feelings do not determine whether or not an entire class of people can be killed off.

    Once again, it is NOT a woman’s body that’s being killed. She can exercise all the control she wants. That doesn’t include killing her own children.

    1. The penis remarks are to indicate he is a man. It’s sarcasm. I’m taking the climate as a whole. Not justifying it by one failed bill. I was responding to your comment that poo pooed that such things were happening.

      I’m not the only woman that feels this way. In regards to it being a woman’s right to choose. There are two sides on this. There’s no in between. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as I am mine. You can think I’m sexists or transphobic. I’m not. I’m voicing things from one woman’s (mine) point of view.

      Like I said, I don’t know what it’s like to be a man and men don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. That’s truth.

      If faced with a pregnancy that resulted from a rape, I cannot say what I’d do honestly. But it should be my choice.

      1. This has nothing to do with opinions. This has nothing to do with being male or female. This has nothing to do with choice. This has nothing to do with feelings. All of those things are just distracting from what it’s really about: protecting the right to life of children. Either we value human life, or we don’t. And right now, our culture does not value human life, unless it’s convenient. And our culture does that by dehumanizing children when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable.

        I used to be one of those who thought, well, I know abortion is wrong, and I know it’s the killing of a child, but who am I to tell other women what to do? Until I realized how utterly illogical that statement was. I was basically justifying killing on the bases of gender. Then I tried to say, it should be okay up to the point of viability, but realized that viability is just a matter of technology. Then I thought, well, maybe when the heart starts beating. Or when brain waves can be measured.

        In the end, I could simply no longer accept the cognitive dissonance of my position. If I were to value the human right to life, I couldn’t make excuses any more. A new human comes into being at the moment of conception. Unique and separate from the mother, even while being dependent on her. That is the measurable, scientific fact of our biology. There is no getting around that.

        All our human rights rest on one foundational right. The right to life. Abortion denies that right to an entire class of humans, based on the desires of a more powerful class of humans: one that even denies the humanity of the unborn, to justify killing it. In this, abortion has many parallels to slavery, and abortion defenders today are not really any different than those who fought to maintain slavery in the US, not that long ago.

        If we can deny this class of humans their right to life, then the foundation of all our human rights has become shaky indeed.

  2. This is a pretty classic strawman.

    None of this is about “regulating women” because they are women. It’s about protecting innocent human lives. To say it’s about “regulating women” is like saying laws against murder are about “regulating murderers”.

    We have laws that regulate all sorts of far more benign things. Just try and buy raw milk, as one example.

    All these new laws do is recognize what is already scientifically proven: that the unborn are individual humans, and are entitled to protection of that move basic human right: the right to life. The fact that so many women thing having a child is a bad thing, and that they should be able to kill it at a whim is the real problem (and please; don’t bother with wailing on about the extremely rare examples of rape or health of the mother, which is a goalpost moving red herring). What a sad testament of our culture.

    1. I am not for abortion as a method of birth control. But I am for women having the right to say what happens with their body. It is a regulating of women. For men to seek laws that will put women in prison for life or seek laws to execute women that have abortion is a contradiction to right to life. That’s not right to life. That’s right to control. I also read that in the US there are about 625,000 abortions a year. Also that “only” 1% of them are due to rape or incest. Only! That’s 6,250 abortions to women that did not give consent. A lot of these male officials want to prosecute women that have already been victimized. Why? For deciding to not carry their rapist’s baby.
      What about women whose pregnancy is deadly. It happens. She’s only person her children have. To save her life so that her kids are not left orphans, she should have that right to decide.

      Rapists get probation but let’s prosecute a rape victim for refusing to carry her rapist’s baby. That’s madness!

      1. Okay, let’s walk through the various points you made (my apologies for the length this will result in).

        “I am not for abortion as a method of birth control. ”

        The vast majority of abortions are used for exactly that. About 97% of them. The problem is, once a woman is pregnant, the time for birth control is over. Birth control is supposed to prevent pregnancy. Ending a child’s life is not birth control. It’s killing a child.

        “But I am for women having the right to say what happens with their body. It is a regulating of women.”

        Women can say what happens to their own body any time they want. But once a woman is pregnant, that is someone else’s body, and they don’t get to kill it. I’ve already pointed out how this is not “regulating women”. It’s just part of the biological reality of women having this amazing superpower: we grow new people.

        “For men to seek laws …” First, that’s sexist. Second, it’s false. It was men who made abortion legal in the first place. The pro-life movement is a woman-led movement. Women are proposing the laws. Signing the bills. More men are in favour of abortion than not; it’s a great way for rapists to hide their crimes, and for men to avoid their responsibility in helping care for the child they helped create.

        “…that will put women in prison for life or seek laws to execute women that have abortion is a contradiction to right to life. ”

        What drivel is this? The heartbeat laws explicitly exempt women from prosecution. The abortion providers (who are mostly men) can be charged, but not the mothers. That is just one of many lies about the heartbeat bills being pushed.

        “That’s right to control. I also read that in the US there are about 625,000 abortions a year. Also that “only” 1% of them are due to rape or incest. Only! That’s 6,250 abortions to women that did not give consent. ”

        Well, you’re off about over 260,000/yr
        That’s still way too many. Whatever happened to “safe, legal and rare”? Now it’s “free abortion, for any reason, and without apologies”.

        Even so, you also say “Rapists get probation but let’s prosecute a rape victim for refusing to carry her rapist’s baby. That’s madness! ” Wrong. The victim does not get prosecuted. Why should the second innocent victim of rape – the baby – be given a death sentence for the crime of her father?

        Btw, most rape victims choose to have their babies, against immense pressure to abort (so much for “choice”), and even being told that they must not have been raped if they chose not to kill their baby. Of those who kept their babies, most did it because they felt their child did not deserve to be punished for what was done to them. They also claimed that having their children helped them heal from the rape, and that their children were the best thing that happened to them, in spite of the violence done to them. Of those who adopted their children out, they also were glad not to have killed their children. Of those that did abort their children, among those surveyed, only ONE said she was glad she did it. The some were more or less ambivalent, saying they figured it was the right thing to do, even though they weren’t happy about it, while the majority either regretted it or felt immense guilt about it. One woman who aborted her child after a rape said the abortion itself was traumatic; “like being raped all over again”. Abortion is an extremely invasive, violent procedure. Inflicting violence on a woman all over again is not helping rape victims. It re-victimizes them.

        “A lot of these male officials…”

        Again with the sexism.

        It’s not about gender. It’s about the right to life.

        “…want to prosecute women that have already been victimized. Why?”
        Again, this is false. as just one example.

        “For deciding to not carry their rapist’s baby.”

        That is not the rapist’s baby. He’s just a “sperm donor”. It is the mother’s baby. And I appreciate that you acknowledge that it *is* a baby. A unique human individual. And no one has the “right” to kill it, just because of how that child happened to be conceived. These laws say no abortion after a heartbeat can be detected, which is about 6 weeks (for some, the law states after 8 weeks). That means at least 6 weeks during which a mother can kill her baby. Did you know that, by the end of 5 weeks, synapses are developed, and brain waves can be detected only days later? This is a child with a functioning brain and a heart beating it’s own blood through it’s own circulatory system. How can anyone fight for the “right” to kill this tiny little human? Particularly while she is located in what should be the safest place in her entire life – her mother’s womb?

        Victims of rape need to be supported. Not re-victimized by the trauma of abortion.

        “What about women whose pregnancy is deadly. It happens. ”

        First off, this is a moot point. All of the heartbeat laws include medical exemptions. Even before abortion was legalized, medical or “therapeutic” abortions were legal. This shouldn’t even be part of the abortion debate at all. An abortion deliberately ends the life of a child. If the mother’s health is in danger, we have the medical technology to help both. In the exceedingly rare cases when it is impossible to save both, a termination is not done to willfully end the life of the child. It’s done to save the life of the mother. It’s more like when co-joined twins are separated. At times, it means one of the twins will not survive. It is not considered murder, however, because it is done to save one life, when otherwise both will be lost. So it is with, for example, and ectopic pregnancy. This is a triage decision, that needs to be made on a case by case basis.

        Ultimately, what it comes down to is this: abortion is anti-life and anti-woman.

      2. I appreciate your stance but we’re going to have to agree to disagree.
        I’ve already had a day where I discussed and gave facts reported by reputable sources on bills that men (meaning they have a penis) have tried to pass. Check the failed bill in Texas proposed by a man (has a penis) in which anyone getting abortion could get death penalty.

        The wave of abortion bills is a domino effect from Trump’s (grab them by the p#*#*, he who has a penis) changes in the Supreme Court. The anti-abortionists are coming out in full force. Trying to overturn Roe vs Wade.

        His campaign against Planned Parenthood is one that will have negative impact on women. Especially ones of lower incomes. I already covered this.

        It’s not sexists to state that men have no business dictating what women do with their bodies. What does a man know about being a woman? I have no clue what it’s like to have testicles.

        Yes manywomen are signing the bills as well. Trump has led this battle. (He who has penis)

        We can argue over and spout specific cases of rape victims all day long. What a woman chooses to do once impregnated as a result of rape, should be her choice. Period.

        I didn’t pull numbers out of my ass. Not sure where you got yours. It’s really a moot point anyways.

        There are many cases reported recently of judges slapping rapists on the wrists. Why I stated that. I didn’t make it up.

        Right now it feels like to me women are being regulated.

        Abortion as means of birth control-interpretation is everything. I do not agree with women seeking multiple abortions as a means of birth control.
        I do however feel it is a woman’s body and shit happens. Every woman has her own story. I have no right choosing what another person does with their body. No one does. It’s a personal choice.

  3. It’s very strange. There’s a great way for all these men who are soooo opposed to abortion to prevent them: quit having sex with women. Just stop. Control yourselves. Every pregnancy is caused by a man.